MCUD's History

May 2007
Mitsubishi Corporation established Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development as a developer of its own retail facilities after selling off its shareholding of DIAMOND CITY Co., Ltd. (a joint venture for retail development by Mitsubishi and Aeon) to Aeon Co., Ltd. through TOB.
April 2013
Redefined business mission and as diverse real estate development
September 2013
Opened CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku (sold in March 2014)
October 2013
Expanded business domains to logistics and retail business with the transfer of logistics facilities development function from Mitsubishi Corporation
June 2015
Yokohama Akarenga Inc., operating Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, a retail facility located in Minato Mirai area, Yokohama was made into an affiliate
October 2015
Established MCUD Series as logistics development business brand
December 2015
Completed construction of MCUD Chiba Kita as first facility in MCUD Series (sold in March 2016)
February 2016
Completed construction of MCUD Kawasaki I, a large-scale, multi-tenant logistics facility, in Kawasaki, Kanagawa
March 2016
Opened MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA, a lifestyle-type shopping center, on land adjacent to Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse (sold in May 2017)
July 2016
Grand opening of the PUZZLE GINZA building, a retail facility mainly comprising restaurant businesses, in Ginza-2-chome (sold in March 2017)
April 2017
Used the CRE support function for business companies to begin development and renovation business for industrial facilities such as factories
As first project, acquired industrial facility in Ichikawa-city , Chiba , and began major renovation
August 2018
Established MACHINOMA series as retail facility brand. Grand opening of MACHINOMA Omori as first project..