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Retail Facilities

Machinoma OMORI


Completed in February 2016

This is a retail facility central to living, fusing the "general store" with the "living room" that was at the center of people's lives. It combines local community creation functions with lifestyle convenience functions, such as the shopping and services offered by conventional retail facilities.

About the concept

Against a backdrop of societal changes and the evolution of IT, functions and activities originally carried out in homes, workplaces, schools, shops, and other individual buildings are widening throughout neighborhoods.
Embracing everyday familiar activities that have expanded into the neighborhood, including dining, shopping, learning, playing, engaging in conversation, making things, thinking, and exercising, Machinoma is a retail facility that sits at the center of contemporary living, creating a local community. Machinoma fuses the "general store"*1 that was once the center of the local community with the "living room"*2 that was at the center of people's lives, to provide a locale where people, whether alone or with family and friends, can find personalized enjoyment and comfort.

*1 General store (yorozuya): A store located near a train station or on a street corner, selling groceries and daily necessities. As a slow-paced center of the local community, it provided a variety of ways for spending time, not only as a place for buying and selling goods but also as a place for casually dropping by to interact and exchange information, while drinking tea and enjoying conversation with the owner or with acquaintances who happen to stop by.

*2: Living room (chanoma)
In Japanese-style homes of old, a space that met multiple uses including family meals, gathering at the heated kotatsu table, watching TV (encountering information), doing schoolwork, entertaining treasured people (interaction), and even laying out mats to sleep.

About the location

Located in a favorable location that is also a popular residential area with access to Shinagawa and just 10 minutes on foot from Omori Station, the facility meets the needs of surrounding residents. In Omori, which has many supermarkets and other retail facilities alongside numerous green spaces, the facility plays a role in creating a new community where people gather.

Outline of development

Location Omori-nishi, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Site area Approx. 8,400m²
Total floor area Approx. 23,000m²
Structure scale 5 above-ground stories
Completion February 2016

Machinoma OMORI / MAP

Inquiries and requests for consultation concerning facilities

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