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Factories, R&D

innoba OTA


Completed in August 2023

Located within the concentration of manufacturing companies in Ota-ku, Tokyo, this facility facilitates mutual relationships among startup firms and companies engaged in manufacturing, research, and development by housing them in a single structure. It is a multi-tenant factory and R&D facility built and operated by the private sector, a rarity in Japan.

About the location

innoba Ota is located in Ota-ku, Tokyo, home to a large concentration of manufacturing companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Just six minutes on foot from Rokugodote Station on the Keihin Kyuko Main Line, the facility offers outstanding access. Sited alongside the Dai-Ichi Keihin highway, it is well suited to the transport of materials, products, and more.

Features of the facility

As a social initiative within ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) management, the site aims to contribute to the ongoing development of the local community by promoting technological innovation through interaction and collaboration among companies.

Outline of development

Location Nakarokugo, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Site area Approx. 1,700m²
Total floor area Approx. 5,200m²
Structure scale Reinforced concrete structure, 6 above-ground stories
Completion August 2023

innoba OTA / MAP

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