MCUDOur Business

MCUD is a general developer that carries out income-generating property development projects involving diverse assets.

Creating new value to real estate,
the foundation of all industries

We create new value in real estate to meet the needs of customers,
while constantly responding to changes in society
and the industrial structure with new ways of thinking and feeling.

Development projects that
include diverse assets

Amid the current period of major transformation, we will lead our business into the future by continuing to change ourselves. We approach the challenge of new possibilities from diverse perspectives.

Information capacity and judgment capabilities utilizing the network of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group

We are able to provide solutions that meet customers’ needs by combining the wide-ranging knowledge and functions unique to the Mitsubishi Corporation Group in our business development, and making use of the Group’s connections to diverse industries not limited to real estate.


Developing the best qualities of income-generating properties based on
sophisticated expertise

We provide an abundant array of solutions leveraging integrated and consistent planning and sophisticated expertise to cover the entire process from information gathering to sale of income-generating properties.


Our Performances

We carry out income-generating property development projects based on flexible thinking unfettered by established concepts and with a sensitivity to anticipate the needs of the times.